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— More About ABOCI —

All Breed Obedience Club is dedicated to the development of the canine/human bond. We encourage the following three aspects of dog ownership:

First, a dog can be a pet. All Breed offers Puppy, Beginning, and Intermediate/Canine Good Citizen classes intent primarily on teaching you to train your dog to be a good pet. These classes cover basic obedience, problem solving, canine psychology, and human/canine interaction.

Second, a dog can be a companion. All Breed's classes and working groups help develop the intelligence of your dog. These classes and practice groups reinforce your rapport with your dog and help you help your dog along the road to good citizenship.

Third, a dog can be a partner. It is the encouragement of this partnership that forms the core of All Breed's training philosophy. All Breed offers occasional competition classes. All Breed encourages human/canine interaction in all its forms. Monday night s All Breed's free Working Group allows trainers and their dogs to practice obedience exercises with other trainers. Several evenings are set aside for Show and Go's.


LIBRARY - All Breed maintains an extensive library of breed and training books, tapes, and videos. These are available for loan to All Breed members for a $2 per month fee.

Flyball - All Breed encourages active participation in all dog training activities. We have our own flyball team and are regular participants in other competitions.

ABOCI is a non-profit organization. No club officials are paid. All proceeds from matches and classes go into club facilities, equipment and meeting expenses. Some of these proceeds are donated to dog related charities. Excess monies are returned to the membership through discounts and club functions, such as the Annual Awards Dinner, or to the public through additional trophies at our trials and other events.

GENERAL MEETINGS - All Breed holds its general meetings in June and December with other meetings throughout the year scheduled as the need arises. Schedule and location are printed in Dog Daze and on the Yahoo and Facebook Groups


All Breed holds classes Monday nights at Allied Gardens Recreation Center. Feel free to join us. There are several benefits to working with us:

PRACTICE RING - Monday nights a practice ring can be set up. The ring may be used by members. Jumps are available, so the ring may be set up for any level of training.

TRAINING WITH OTHERS - Members are encouraged to practice together and form "spontaneous" group exercises as needed. Various club members show up and work at Allied Gardens on Monday afternoon/evening at various times depending on daylight hours.

CLASSES - All Breed offers regular Puppy, Beginning, Clicker and Intermediate/Canine Good Citizen classes taught by experienced trainers. Occasional competition classes are taught by top trainers and UKC and/or AKC obedience judges. Classes are inexpensive and members receive discounts on class fees.


Show & Goes are for practice and for enjoyment. We offer classes that will appeal to everyone. From Novice A to Utility, we make our show & goes instructive for the participants and exciting for the spectators. Information about upcoming Show & Goes is published in Dog Daze and on the Yahoo and Facebook group.


Our Annual Awards Dinner is special event for recognition of members’ accomplishments with their dogs. Obedience, Flyball, Agility, Herding, and other awards are proudly presented to members who have earned titles throughout the year. In order to qualify for A.B.O.C.I. Annual Awards, a member must ASSIST in at least TWO ABOCI EVENTS during the year previous to the Annual Awards presentations.

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